Alliyilam poovo malayalam song lyrics-Mangalam nerunnu

Movie          Mangalam Nerunnu
Lyricist     M.D.Rajendran
Music     Ilayaraja
Singer     Krishna Chandran

aa aa aaaa
Alliyilam poovo illimulam theino
Alliyilam poovo illimulam theino
Thengila neero thein mozhiyo

Mannil virinja nilaavo
Alliyilam poovo illimulam theino

Thallalam moolum kaate pullani kaatila kaate(2)
Kanni vayal kaate nee kanmaniye urakkaan vaa (2)
Nee chellaam chellam tha thaiyyam thaiyyam
Nee chellam chellam thaiyyam thaiyyam
Thulli thulli vaa vaa  (alliyilam)

Kai viral unnum neram kannukal chimmum neram (2)

Kanni vayal kiliye nee kanmaniye unarthaathe (2)
Nee thaali peeli poonkaatinullil
Nee thaali peeli kaattin ullil
Koodum thedi po po  (alliyilam)
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