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Moviesda is one of the famous web site to download movies. We can download movies in different file formats and qualities. The web site Moviesda covers mainly Tamil movies and Tamil Dubbed Movies . They are also uploading English movies as well.

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Why MoviesDa is popular?

The web site Moviesda is an old movie downloading site. So that the site become popular as years passing. They are updating Tamil, Tamil Dubbed and English Movies in a daily basis because of this reason Moviesda become more popular among other sites.

Moviesda Important Data

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Advantages of Moviesda

Design of this web site really simple and mobile friendly. Users can easily navigate to each and every pages very easily. Moviesda is loading very rapidly because its design is build up of a mobile theme which is light weight.

Dis advantages of Moviesda

One of the major dis advantage of Moviesda is Ads. They are using irrelevant and pop up ads in the web site. These ad may creative an annoying feel among the users.

Why people love to download movies on Moviesda

  • A Person don’t have to pay money for downloading movies
  • Movies are available on the release day with High-Quality Audio and Video
  • If a person doesn’t have time to watch movies in theatres
  • A lot of movies are released frequently
  • Theatre cost is too much
These are the reasons peoples love to watch and download movies from piracy websites. Do you know? Some of them don’t know It is illegal to download movies without the proper licenses.

Reason: Why we need to avoid Piracy Websites

  • It is illegal to watch and download
  • Small Producers faced huge loss
  • You lose memories
  • You can’t feel real effects
  • It is against the law


Please avoid piracy websites and try to watch movies on legal sources. Some of the legal web sites to watch movies are: Amazon prime, Hotstar, netflix and sunext etc..
We are not recommending to watch movies on piracy websites. We are trying to create awareness about anti-piracy.

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